Laptop Hardware Repairs

Smashed Keys? Broken Screen? Bad battery? Spilt your milk?? Just like it says. We offer services to repair your laptops! If any part of your laptop is broken, we can fix it!

Apple (Mac) Computer Repairs

Can’t find a “Mac Repair Shop”? We’re your Mac-Daddy! That’s right, we repair even Macs for you Macintosh lovers out there. YES, even your Mac can sometimes have bad days whether you want to admit it or not. Anything you need for your Mac, we’re prepared to fix it.

Custom System Build

If you are a hard-core gamer, video editor, at home mom, student, or just want a high powered machine for bragging right, look no further. We are here to serve! We will build you a customized PC from the ground up. We will custom build your machine to fit your live and your style!

Virus Removal

Take a breath of fresh air and let it be known to all that we will get rid of any pesky viruses boggy up your computer. New spy ware,ad ware and virus programs appear every day. We can eliminate these threats and return your computer to peak performance. Basically what we will do is remove all traces of viruses, spy ware, trogons, worms, mal ware, etc.! It’s like taking your computer to the spa. It comes back feeling all rejuvenated, minus all the perfumes and mud treatments of course!

System Tune Ups

It’s not exactly like taking your car to get a tune up because there’s no grease monkeys here, but it’s kind of close! What we do is tweak the system for a faster ride and better performance! We don’t only make it run faster but we will also fix any error messages that you need dealt with. We will insure that anything that needs any updates is up-to-par too!

Hardware Install

Whether you need a certain piece of hardware replaced or you just want an overdue upgrade, we can take care of that…
We provide the services of installing the following Hardware:
• Hard Drive               • RAM
• Video Card             • I/O Card
• Sound Card             • Optical Drive
• Power Supply          • Motherboard
• Fan Replacement

System Diagnostic

We become your computers “DOC”. Basically we will dig deep and find out what the current problem is. We only charge you for the Diagnostic IF you do not want the repair. For example, if the repair cost is too great for you, we will only charge for the Diagnostic. If we do the Diagnostic and the cost for the repair is reasonable to you, we will only charge for the repair and NOT for the Diagnostic.

Driver Update

Everyone needs a little refresher now and then. We will identify possible issues with your hardware’s drivers and then we will retrieve all the proper and up-to-date drivers to make things run like new.

Software Install

If there is any software that you want installed, we can get that done! This however DOES NOT include operating system installs such as “Windows” or “OS X”.

Hard Drive Wipe

This pretty much means what you think it means. This service is for somebody that is wanting to remove data that they don’t want anyone else to have. For instance if you were going to give away or sell a computer. It’s a secure DOD (Department Of Defence) erase of the hard drive, meaning all data will be unrecoverable by prying eyes. What we do is retrieve any information that you do not want lost on your computer and back it up. We then will completely “ZERO” out the hard drive. It’s like starting with a brand new “sparkly” hard drive! Rest assure that no one will be able to reverse a wipe by us!

Hard Drive Wipe & Destroy

It’s the same thing as a “Hard Drive Whip” but we then DESTROY the hard drive after it is wiped. Why would you ever destroy a hard drive you ask? Well, this is done for those individuals that just want that EXTRA piece of mind that no one will be able to retrieve their data (information) off their hard drive! Not even the GOVERMENT!!

OS Install

This stands for “Operating System” Install such as “Windows” or “MAC OS”. It’s an install of whatever preferred Operating System you want to use. By Law we can only install MAC OS on an Apple Computer. As well, we can only install Windows with the provided COA (Certificate of Authenticity) number for the version of Windows you want installed.
However, you may purchase a version of windows through us and we can install it. Also we will affix the new COA  to your computer so it will never be lost!  Aren’t we nice?
On another note, there is always “Linux” for people who like FREE THINGS!!!

Data Recovery

Lost an important document? Missing some family photos you though you had? Let’s recover some data shall we? We will use our wide variety of data recovery tricks to do whatever we can to retrieve you lost files! If we can’t do it, no one can…and we’re not just saying that either. We rock!

In Home Services

We understand that some of our customers may need that extra help and support of an in home visit. This is why we offer our “In Home Services” to those customers that truly need it.

List of Common services

• Computer Hook Up
• Software Setup
• New Computer Setup
• Internet Networking
• Home Theatre Setup
• System Hook Up


More services available. Call for details!