About Us


Mr Fix IT does more than just fix computers, laptops, and smartphones. We also do game systems, tablets, televisions, stereo equipment, and we’ve even repaired hover boards. If it’s got electronics in it there is a good chance we can fix it.

Beginning in 2016 Mr Fix IT added board-level repairs on electronics to its repertoire. This highly-specialized service requires the use of a microscope and special micro-soldering techniques. It’s not a service you can get at just any old repair shop around town. There are only a limited number of shops like ours that do this.

You can visit Mr Fix IT at one of our two locations:


Mr Fix IT's Winfield Storefront

Mr Fix IT’s Winfield Storefront


Mr Fix IT and Boost Mobile

12474 Winfield Road

Winfield, WV 25213



Or our newest location (Opening August 2016)…


Mr Fix IT and Boost Mobile

316 B Street

Suite 101

St. Albans, WV 25177